Ozzy's Barkin' Bandanas

These fun bandanas make the paw-fect accessory for your fur baby. Bandanas are custom made and will have small variations in pattern placement, size, and color.

Our bandanas are traditional tie-on so you want to make sure to buy a size that leaves room around your dog's neck for a knot. Roll the bandana until the desired length is achieved, then tie around the dog’s neck. Ensure that the knot is not loose to avoid hooking on objects as your pet moves around, and not too tight to prevent choking. When tying the knot, leave a two finger space between the dog’s neck and the bandana.

Bandana Sizes

Small - 14" x 20" x 14"

Medium - 18" x 25" x 18"

Large - 22" x 30" x 22"

X-Large 27" x 38" x 27"

*Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly